Please review the EastLake Middle Student Handbook for school rules and policies.

The EastLake Middle Behavior Presentation also has important information about conduct at school.

Public display of affection— EastLake Middle students must refrain from public displays of affection on campus or at school-related events. Public displays of affection deemed inappropriate by school standards include—but are not limited to—embracing, hand-holding, and kissing. If such behavior occurs, consequences are assigned in accordance with the nature and circumstances of the public display of affection and may include parent contact, detention, campus beautification, or suspension.

Dress Policies – To promote an appropriate learning environment and positive school image for our students, please ensure your child follows EastLake Middle’s dress policies:  low-cut blouses are not acceptable; shoulders and midriffs must be covered; shorts and skirts must be of appropriate length; pants and shorts must fit at the waist. Writing or images on clothing may not depict sexual images, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or weapons. With your cooperation and support, we can provide a positive school environment for all students. Thank you.

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