About Us

About Us

EastLake Middle School, often referred to as ELM, is located in the growing suburban community of EastLake in the eastern region of the city of Chula Vista. Designated as a California Gold Ribbon School in 2017, ELM serves approximately 1,700 students in grades seven and eight, making it the second largest middle school in the Sweetwater Union High School District, which has eleven middle schools, twelve high schools, one continuation high school, four adult schools, one independent study program, and one virtual school. ELM serves an ethnically diverse population including a significant number of students from military families.

EastLake Middle School students perennially attain the highest achievement scores in state tests as our teachers consistently deliver rigorous and relevant instruction all year. Many ELM students also participate in our Dual Language Immersion Program with many of them continuing to high school and attaining the Biliteracy Seal for high school graduation. ELM also dominates in many sports in the Metro League. We also offer many other extra-curricular programs such as Cybersecurity and Robotics. In Robotics, we have won numerous awards and had as many as four teams compete at the state level.

The EastLake Middle School Community will provide a positive and safe culture where EACH student is empowered to grow emotionally and develop academically leading to resiliency and life-long success.

Our Five Core Beliefs 

From our mission, we have identified five core beliefs that guide our daily work.


  • We believe ALL students will actively engage in a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum that prepares them for college and career opportunities. We believe EACH student will access a wide variety of support systems depending on their needs.


  • We believe our teachers understand that they, too, can grow in their practices by engaging and participating in productive collaboration with peers. We believe each teacher provides a rigorous, engaging, and differentiated curriculum in order to meet the needs of a diverse student population.

Culture and Climate

  • We believe in an inclusive environment that encourages and promotes the Triton Traits.

Community Connections

  • We believe parents and community members are positive partners in the academic and social-emotional success of EACH student.


  • We believe in aligning our resources, organizational structures, and school policies/processes/procedures to fulfill our mission and district LCAP goals.

Our Triton Traits 

We teach our students what it means to be a Triton through the lens of the following traits: Kindness, Growth Mindset, Self-Control, Gratitude, Curiosity, Enthusiasm, Resilience and Teamwork. These traits are embedded in the daily instruction of teachers and students are recognized as Triton of the Week when they are observed as having exemplified the Triton Trait of the Month.

Our Daily Mantra 


Our daily mantra was created in 2019 to develop a sense of community about who we are based on our mission, five core beliefs and Triton Traits. Each day in Triton Kingdom begins with our mantra being said over the intercom to remind students of who we are and how we carry the Triton mission. As part of our Triton family, we encourage you to start your day by saying our mantra as a family.