Please contact advisors for meeting times and days.

Anime Club

Art Club

*AVID Excel

AVID Club prepares students for advanced classes in high school and helps students prepare and plan for college.  AVID students learn important academic and life skills necessary to be successful.  All Students must be enrolled in AVID Class.


Students promote musical culture at EastLake Middle School.  All students must be enrolled in Band class to be part of the club.

Room 914

Comic Books and Superhero Club

*Compacted Math

The Compacted Math club increases student learning for compacted math students. All students must be enrolled in Compacted Math.

Crochet Club

Dance Club

Drama Club

Dungeons & Dragons Club

*Dual Language Immersion Club

The DLI Club helps students achieve the stated objectives of the DLI program, and celebrate the achievements of DLI students. All Students in the DLI Club must be enrolled in the DLI program.

Faith Club

Impact 7/8 Bible Study

Knowledge Bowl

Practice times – Monday – Thursday 12:17 – 12:47.

Room 716


The purpose of Orchestra Club is to promote a culture of musical collaboration and leadership among ELM string students while having fun and meeting new people along the way.  It provides a great opportunity for students to disengage from being online, going out of virtual interactions on the iPads and into real-time human interactions as humans have done for centuries. We promote culture and tradition on behalf of ELM by putting on musical performances for our community at the ELM Pavilion as well as at nearby nursing homes, elementary schools, and Knott’s Berry Farm.  Students in this club are enrolled in Beginning Strings, Intermediate, or Advanced Orchestras and are welcome to practice for fun on Wednesdays in room 902 from 3:15 pm to 4:30 pm.  Former ELM students from the ELH and OLH provide tutoring, guidance, and inspiration for ELM Orchestra students coming to practice.

Room 902

Purple Pride Club


Robotics club collaborates in teams to build robots and compete at competitions.

Meetings are Thursdays and Fridays from 3:30-6:00PM in the fitness room 1025 (behind girls’ locker room).

Roller Skate Club


Yearbook class is responsible for taking pictures throughout the school year to document campus events and memories. All students must be enrolled in the yearbook class, maintain good grades, and model excellency.

Room 201 and 311

*Class or special status, no open membership.