iPad Help

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EOC Illuminate

Connecting your iPad to the internet

Connecting your PC to the wireless

Connecting to home Wi-Fi on your iPad

How to back up Notabilty to Google Drive

Jupiter Grades – Homework submission for students

Downloading textbooks onto your iPad

Downloading apps onto your iPad

Setting up Outlook

Google Mail Support

Google Docs MLA Template

iPad Help Center

Having a problem with your iPad?  Visit the iPad Help Center.  The Help Center is located at the front desk of the library.  You will need to fill out a help request ticket and our IT technician will work on the iPad to resolve the issue.  Here are some common reasons students visit the help desk:

  • You need to install and app for a class and your iPad is asking for a password.
  • You are experiencing a technical problem with your iPad.
  • You need a new charger cable.

Below are the Help Center hours:

Monday-Thursday: 7:15-8:10, Nutrition break, lunch and after school from 3:15-3:30.

Friday: 7:15-8:10, Student lunch, and after school – FM1: 12:51-1:15, FM2: 1:15-1:30.


iPad Agreement Form

Click here to view the iPad Agreement form and contract.