ASB Advisor: Derrick Almero

The ASB is a vital component of every school. At EastLake Middle School, the ASB is responsible for a variety of tasks. The ASB is recognized for the following:

  • Building a sense of culture, belonging, and pride among students, staff members and Triton “relatives”
  • Running a student store and using the proceeds to directly benefit the student body
  • Providing incentives for students
  • Planning and executing school events including but not limited to: dances, assemblies, field trips, spirit days, lunch and after school activities, picture days
  • Working with clubs, organizations, and businesses to ensure that students have well-rounded, successful middle school experiences

The ASB is a student organization. Working closely with administrators and an advisor, ASB students are the school’s leaders. ASB elections are held each spring and a cabinet is chosen for the following school year. These students are enrolled in one period of ASB during their eighth grade school years. Prospective ASB members must have high scholarship grades and model citizenship.

Please use the ASB section of the website to learn more about:

  • Spirit days and upcoming events
  • The student store
  • Important ASB related forms/documents

For more information about the EastLake Middle School ASB, please contact Derrick Almero @