SUHSD Widespread Transmission Model

Spanish Version – SUHSD Widespread Transition Model 

Weekly testing is RECOMMENDED for ALL students, regardless of vaccination status. You may test using one of the options below:

  1. ELM Testing Center with Concentric by Gingko. We test Mondays and Wednesdays. If you have not registered your child, click on this LINK to register them. The code is Sweetwater-ELM.
  2. A home test kit. This is only acceptable for determining to return to school or to isolate. You will need official test results to return to athletics and extracurricular activities. Click on this LINK to download the form you need to complete to report the home test kit results.
  3. Your medical provider or other health organizations or any 211.org testing centers.

Bullying/Harassment and Social Media

Students and Parents,

As we see an increase in bullying/harassment, especially in social media, I am asking that you read ELM’s and the district policies on bullying and sexual harassment. Every complaint that is brought to us is taken very seriously and appropriate consequences are given; this will sometimes involve the Chula Vista Police Department.

Parents, if you have provided phones for your children, please take time to routinely check their social media to ensure that they are not following or making comments on posts that are all about demeaning other Triton students and staff.

Students, when we catch you, many of you say, “It was a joke.” Know that we don’t think any of these accounts, posts, comments, and likes as jokes. Many of what we have found are cruel and unacceptable. If you have posted, commented, or liked, we strongly suggest that you remove yourself from these accounts so that you do not get in trouble.

Use your social media for good.