Annual Motivational Sendoff: Triton Day

Our annual Triton Day will be on Friday, December 15! During this fun-filled day, all Tritons will cycle through 3 different rotations throughout the day!

1) Guest Speaker Presentation in the MPR
2) Activities & Info Booths on the field
3) Care Package Assembly for San Diego/Tijuana Orphanages

For our Care Package Assembly rotation, our goal is to create 750+ care packages for newborns/toddlers, grade schoolers & teenagers at orphanages in San Diego & Tijuana. In order to make this happen, we need your help with donations before our big Triton Day on December 15!

So what do you say, Tritons!?! 750+ care packages is a lofty goal, but if we all pitch in, we can definitely make this happen!!!! Let’s do this!!!!