Physical Education

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Physical Education Department Directory:

Abrego, Ana
Crose, Jacob
Diosa, Beethoven
Leslie, Kellie
Moreno, Francine
O’Neill, Thomas
Petty, Kathryn
Zamora, Alfredo


Physical Education Common Syllabus 2019-2020

8th Grade Fitness Brochure

7th Grade Personal Fitness Plan

Fitness Gram Healthy Fitness Zone Chart


The Physical Education teachers welcome you to Eastlake Middle School. Our department joins forces with all curriculum areas to provide a comprehensive educational program for all students. Through physical activity we make a unique contribution to the total educational program. Our goal is to develop physically fit individuals who recognize and understand the importance of a healthy and physically active life style.

The Eastlake Middle School physical education program supports the major goals of the California State Physical Education Content Standards. These goals include the areas of motor/movement skills, physical fitness, psychological and sociological concepts. The curriculum will promote an understanding of the “how and why” of movement and promote opportunities for students to achieve maximum physical health and fitness.  Students will develop skills and competency in many movements’ activities.  In addition, they will acquire an appreciation for themselves and others.

It is our goal to develop enthusiasm for physical activity and the knowledge necessary to implement a safe and effective fitness program.  Although there are inherent risks associated with sports and physical activity, we do our best to provide an environment that is safe for students. We believe effort, attitude, and striving for self-improvement are as valuable as their skill level. Students will be encouraged to take risks in a non-threatening environment and set challenging but attainable goals. We believe that good fitness habits, started young, carry over into adulthood, leading to an enriched and healthy adult life.  Click on the link below to view our grading policy.

P.E. Department Grading Policy

Dress – All students must suit-up daily and will need to wear a grey t-shirt and black shorts with no pockets.  Laced athletic rubber soled shoes and socks are also required (no slippers/dress/street shoes/boots). Sweatshirts and sweatpants are optional and are for cold weather days only. Sweatshirts used for physical activity must be plain grey, hoodless and without a zipper.  Sweatpants must be solid black.  Uniforms must also comply with Eastlake Middle’s dress guidelines. Clothes will be taken home to be washed at the end of each week. All physical activity clothing must be visibly marked with student’s first and last name. Physical activity uniforms may be purchased at the ASB or at a retail outlet.

Locks and Lockers – All students need to have a combination lock. Locks will be engraved by the staff prior to them being used on their assigned locker. All students will be assigned their own individual locker and will be responsible for their own belongings. Students are not to tell anyone their combination. Lockers may not be shared. Students are not to store any items other than those needed for physical education in their locker.  Items of excessive value are not to be brought to school.  Cell phones and electronic devices should not be brought out to class.  Jewelry should not be worn during physical activity. Staff will not be responsible for any lost or stolen property.

Absences – When absent all fitness tests and participation points missed need to be made up on Friday minimum make up days within the same grading period.  When absent, students must make up any written work and physical activity in a timely manner.

Make Ups –.  Make ups are from 1:00-1:30 on Friday minimum days in front of the fitness room.

Parent/Medical Excuse – The block schedule means each class session is equivalent to two hours of instruction. Therefore, parent notes to excuse or limit activity are to be written for each class session missed and not to exceed two consecutive class sessions. A parent note does not excuse a student from dressing for class. The parent/guardian note should be written by the parent/guardian and should include: brief explanation of the problem, requested length of limited activity, telephone number, and parent/ guardian signature. Being excused or limiting activity for more than two consecutive class sessions indicates a problem that requires medical attention and a doctor’s note. Please be sure to obtain this note any time your child visits their physician and may need to have activity limited for longer than two consecutive class sessions.  A copy of the SUHSD Physical Education Medical Notice form can be obtained from the school nurse or on our physical education website.  Once this form is filled out by the doctor, make sure the note is placed on file with the school nurse.  If your son/daughter has a temporary medical condition the doctor’s note must be renewed when the expiration date has been reached.  If the ending date has past and the doctor’s note has not been renewed, it will be assumed that the medical condition is no longer impairing their ability to fully participate and the child will be expected to return to normal physical activity.

Detention Notices – Detention notices will be issued for the following infractions:  borrowing excessive loaner clothing, inappropriate uniform/shoes, non-suits, behavioral issues, poor sportsmanship and tardiness.  Detentions are held every Friday from 1:00-1:30pm in the fitness room.

Teacher Expectation – We expect students to respect the school and facilities, to show good manners and courtesy to others, and to accept responsibility for their own behavior. Students are expected to follow all school rules including those referring to electronic devices during class.  Please call if you have any questions or concerns. We invite you to visit and join our classes at any time.