Compacted Integrated Math/ Integrated Math Course I Placement

Dear Incoming 7th Grade Student/ Parent,

We are looking forward to welcoming your student to Eastlake Middle School in the Fall semester.  In the Sweetwater Union High School District, we offer an opportunity to enroll in an accelerated math class in 7th grade.  This course is called Compacted Math 7 and the course accelerates/compacts 3 years of math (Integrated Math 7, Integrated Math 8, Integrated Math Course I) into two years.

Students enrolled in Compacted Math will complete the following math sequence in middle school:

  • 7th grade – 2 years of math (Math 7 & Math 8) compacted in 1 year
  • 8th grade – Integrated Math Course I (first year of high school math)
  • Fast pace and rigorous coursework.

How do I know if my child is a good candidate for Compacted Math?

  • Strong math and academic skills
  • Student motivation to complete math at an accelerated pace
  • Strong 5thgrade SBAC/CAASPP scores (Math Performance Bands that Meets standards or Exceeds Standards)
  • Strong math grades on 6thgrade report card (Grades that meet or exceed Common Core Math Standards 3 or 4 grades

 If you would like your child to be placed in the Compacted Math Course, please complete the following Google Form:


In addition, you may review the California State Standards for mathematics at the following link. https://www.cde.ca.gov/be/st/ss/documents/ccssmathstandardaug2013.pdf

If you have any questions regarding the compacted math placement or the transitions to middle school, please contact your middle school counselor.  The counseling team contact information is as follows:

Serving Students A – DE:

Jennifer Academia, jennifer.academia@sweetwaterschools.org

Serving Students DI – KEMP:

Dalila Espinosa, dalila.espinosa@sweetwaterschools.org

Serving Students KEN – NO:

Mixim Murchison, mixim.murchison@sweetwaterschools.org

Serving Students NU – ROS:

Heather Rindone, heather.rindone@sweetwaterschools.org

Serving Students ROT – Z:

Dr. Luis Lopez, luis.lopez2@sweetwaterschools.org


Intradistrict Transfers

If you would like to apply for an intradistrict transfer to EastLake Middle, please contact your school of residence by e-mail to get your portal access and so you can apply for a transfer electronically.

You can also go to the Sweetwater Union High School District website for instructions on how to apply for an intradistrict transfer.

The window to apply for a transfer is from April 6, 2020 through May 8, 2020.

SUHSD Parent Letter – Intradistrict Transfers – English

SUHSD Parent Letter – Intradistrict Transfers – Spanish




2020-2021 Course Selection Information 7th and 8th

7th Grade Course Selection Information

* Your child will receive an Incoming Seventh Grade Orientation and Registration Information Packet when the counselors present at their elementary school.

2020-2021 7th Grade Parent Letter

2020-2021 7th Grade Parent Presentation (Future Triton Parent Night Presentation)

2020-2021 7th Grade Student Presentation

2020-2021 7th Grade Course Selection Form

2020-2021 Elective Course Descriptions 7&8 

Common Core Math Standards

ASB Interest Flyer

2020-2021 Dual Language Immersion Program Application Form

EastLake Middle Parent Guide to Immunizations


8th Grade Course Selection Information

2020 8th Grade Course Selection Parent Presentation (6 Year Plan)

2020 8th Grade Course Selection Form

2020-2021 Elective Course Descriptions 7&8 

ASB Interest Flyer



SUHSD Mission Statement


Located in the heart of an international border community, the Sweetwater Union High School District ensures a safe, inclusive, collaborative culture that empowers each student to actively engage in a meaningful educational experience to pursue personal and academic success.



  • We believe each student can succeed.
  • We believe in a welcoming community that is inclusive, equitable, and promotes positive academic, social, and emotional well-being.
  • We believe relationships and collaboration matter.
  • We believe resources shall be equitably distributed to ensure the success of each student.
  • We believe in the value of community voice in decision-making.
  • We believe in a culture of trust based on integrity and transparency.