SUHSD Culture and Climate Survey

The Sweetwater Union High School District is currently administering a survey to parents and community members to assess their perceptions of SUHSD and to receive feedback about various factors related to the district’s overall climate. 

Please click on the link below to take the survey.

SUHSD Culture and Climate Survey


Counselor Update

Thanksgiving is upon us and so are the final semester grades!  There are less than 5 weeks left to make any adjustments and improvements to your grades.  If you are maintaining A’s and B’s keep up the good work!  If you are in the C range, don’t settle there, try your best to move it up higher.  If you are in the D & F range, you need to make some changes to your current study habits.  Here are some tips to help you be successful:

  • Don’t let a bad grade get you down…instead do something about it!
  • Get Organized
  • Ask for HELP
  • Do your homework EVERYDAY
  • Turn in your homework on time
  • Study for your tests
  • Check Jupiter grades and monitor your progress
  • Use TSP passes to see your teachers
  • Attend Triton Time for a quiet place to do your homework
  • Talk to your teacher or counselor and ask for tips on how to improve

Last day of the semester is December 15 and grades will be mailed home after January 6.

Happy Studying!

EastLake Middle Counselors


Pertussis (Whooping Cough) Case at ELM

EastLake Middle Parents/Guardians,

There has been a case(s) of pertussis (whooping cough) at Eastlake Middle School. Your child may have been exposed to this highly contagious disease that causes severe coughing.  Because no vaccine is 100% protective, even immunized persons can become ill with pertussis, but the symptoms are usually milder.

Pertussis is spread through the air when an ill person coughs or sneezes.  Infants and young children are at highest risk of life threatening complications from the disease. Their symptoms most often include cold symptoms such as runny nose, slight fever, and occasional cough.  The cough becomes worse, turning into coughing spasms that may be followed by:

  • a crowing(whooping) sound on breathing in
  • vomiting or gagging
  • choking or turning blue

In older children and adults, pertussis symptoms include aggravating coughing attacks that last for two weeks or longer and may be accompanied by vomiting, gagging, and sticky mucus production.  These attacks may worsen at night.  Between the coughing attacks, the person may feel well and have no symptoms.

If your child starts to show symptoms of pertussis:

  1. Consult your healthcare provider and let them know your child may have been exposed to someone ill with pertussis. This disease is treated with specific antibiotics.
  2. Notify the school if your doctor suspects your child is ill with pertussis. Ill children should stay home until completion of five days of antibiotic therapy to prevent spreading the disease to others.

To help protect against getting ill from pertussis:

  1. Check with your doctor to see if you and your family are up to date with the appropriate number of DTaP (childhood) or Tdap (adolescent and adult) vaccine doses.
  2. Wash hands frequently.
  3. Visit the websites www.vaccineinformation.org/video/pertussis.asp or www.sdiz.org. to learn more about pertussis.
  4. Parents of children without symptoms, especially those children who have not been vaccinated against pertussis, may consider making an appointment for the child to see their doctor to receive post-exposure prophylaxis (medicine given after contact with a person with pertussis in order to prevent the disease).

If you have any additional questions regarding pertussis, you may call the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency, Epidemiology and Immunization Services at 1-866-358-2966 and press 5 to speak with a Public Health Nurse.


Ricardo Cooke, Ed. D.


ELM Athletics Department Go Fund Me

The ELM Athletics Department would like to create a fund to make sure that our coaches are representing Eastlake Middle at every sporting event.  The funds that we currently have are to make sure that our students are equipped to represent our schools.  However, those funds do not cover the coaches.  All coaches here at ELM have a tremendous amount of pride in our school, are 100% dedicated to coaching our kids, and committed to excellence.  Any donations will be greatly appreciated and will go towards having our coaches represent our school pride.

Please click on the link below for more information or if you would like to contribute.

ELM Athletics Department Go Fund Me

Thank you so much in advance.  If you have any questions, please contact the Athletics Director, Mr. Josue Villegas at josue.villegas@sweetwaterschools.org.



Yearbook Survey

Please click on the links below to take a quick survey for the yearbook.  You will need to sign in to your school email account to take the survey.

Yearbook Survey



Troubleshooting Internet Issues at Home on iPads

If you are having issues accessing the internet at home on your iPad, try the following steps.

Step 1:

  • Make sure to sign into iBoss.  Login information is:
  • username: iboss
  • password: suhsd1

Step 2:

  • Open Settings.
  • Scroll down on the left and tap on Safari.
  • On the right, tap on Clear History and Website Data.
  • Tap Clear.
  • Log back into iBoss and try internet again.

Step 3:

  • Open Settings.
  • Tap on General.
  • Scroll down on the right and tap on Reset.
  • Tap on Reset Network Settings.
  • Tap Reset.
  • iPad will restart.
  • Log back into iBoss and try internet again.

Step 4:

  • If none of the above works, bring your iPad to library to get help.