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Social Science Department Directory:

Alvarado, Luciano Luciano.Alvarado@sweetwaterschools.org
Catano, Steven Steven.Catano@sweetwaterschools.org
Degele, Melinda Melinda.Degele@sweetwaterschools.org
Flinn, Sandra Sandra.Flinn@sweetwaterschools.org
Lagos, Emma Emma.Lagos@sweetwaterschools.org
Miana, Emanuel Emanuel.Miana@sweetwaterschools.org
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Moreno, Christian Christian.Moreno@sweetwaterschools.org
Owen, Samantha Samantha.Owen@sweetwaterschools.org
Spates, Gerald Gerald.Spates@sweetwaterschools.org
Torres, Douglas Douglas.Torres@sweetwaterschools.org

Thank you for visiting ELM’s Social Science Department Website.  We would like to share some important information with you to make your experience in your social science courses more successful.  The department has agreed to work on commonalities for easy transition from 7th grade to 8th grade.  All teachers require students to bring a iPads and notebooks as important learning and organizational tools.  Class notes and homework will be a daily practice.  Every day you should bring:

  • Your spiral notebook
  • Your charged iPad
  • Hi-liters and colored pencils

Please refer to your teacher’s class syllabus for specific course content and grading policies.

Social Science Plagiarism Policy 2018-2019

Social Science Citizenship Rubric