Counseling Center Staff

Welcome to Virtual Learning Tritons!

Your counselors are ready to work with you and help you navigate this new way of learning.  Please look at the counselor breakdown to see who is assigned to be your counselor.

During the first weeks of school, the Counseling Center experiences a high volume of e-mails and new student registrations.  We appreciate your patience as we do our best to respond to your questions/concerns in a timely manner.  Thank you for your understanding!

Counselor Caseload Alpha-Breakdown:

  • Ms. Academia A – De Los Reyes

  • Ms. Espinosa De Mesa – Jackson

  • Ms.Murchison Jacobs – Neri

  • Ms. Rindone New – Ruba

  • Dr. Lopez Rube – Z

Student Class Schedule Change Request Criteria:

  • Student class schedules are not changed except to correct placement or scheduling errors. Most schedule changes will take place during the first ten days of school. The following are some reasons a schedule may be changed:
  • Students may request an elective change during the first ten days of school. Elective changes are based on space availability and impact on the student’s schedule.
  • Student enrolled in the wrong grade level. For example, an 8th grade student enrolled in a 7th grade class.
  • Student is missing a period or has two classes in the same period.
  • Student would like a placement level change. For example, a student changes from Spanish ½ to Spanish Speakers ½ or Math 7 to Compacted Math 7.
  • Student has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) that necessitates a schedule change.  Please contact the school psychologist (Ruben Sanchez) if you believe your student requires a different class.
  • It may become necessary to change academic and elective classes due to fluctuation in school enrollment, changes in master schedule, teacher contractual limits, or other class scheduling conflicts. These changes generally take place during the first two weeks of the semester.
  • We are unable to accommodate requests for specific teachers or periods. All teachers are fully qualified to teach in their assigned subject area. If you have any concerns that arise during the school year, please contact your child’s teacher or contact the office to address any concerns.