On Saturday, September 17th the Eastlake 8th grade baseball team defeated Bonita Vista MS 4-2. The team was led offensively by Lorenzo Haros. He had a clutch 2 run, 2 out double to secure the win.

In the 7th-grade game, Eastlake defeated Bonita Vista’s 7th-grade team in a walk-off fashion. With Eastlake trailing by one run in the last inning, the boys were able to get the bases loaded. Roman Murphy hit a sacrifice fly to tie the game. Then Tatum Feria executed a perfect squeeze bunt to win the game.

Both teams will play this Saturday at Olympian HS. The 8th-grade team plays Rancho Del Rey at 10 AM and the 7th-grade team will play the Rancho Del Rey 7th-grade team at 12 pm. Come on out and support your fellow Tritons.


2022 8th Grade Middle School Roster 2022 7th Grade Middle School Roster
Matt Delgado

Antonio Vilches

Andrew Nicolaus

Mlle Reyes

Miles Filmor

Nico Gomez

Ethan Dang

Guillermo MacFarland

Jesse Morales

Cody Moseman

Santiago Aleta

Elias Gomez

Lorenzo Haros

Enrique Perez

Adrian Ruiz

Tomas Zaldivar

Isaac Rodriguez

Joseph Waters

Ethan Orozco

Trevor Marcial

Lucas Yriqui

Roman Murphy

Tatum Feria

Xavier Jauregi

Ryan Tandy

Alfonso Valle Montijo

Augustine Anderson

Sebastian Campillo

Danyaal Javier

Ethan Nesbit

Camron Robinson

Mario Medrano

Frankie Lagler

Romeo Montes


Time/Location: Wednesdays at Eastlake High

  •  8th Grade from 4:30pm – 6pm
  • 7th Grade from 6pm – 7:30pm

Time/Location: Fridays at Eastlake High

  • 8th Grade from 3pm – 4:30pm
  • 7th Grade from 4:30pm – 6pm


Games on Saturday, October 22 at ELH:

8th grade

7th grade at 10:00 AM


Eastlake Baseball