Wellness Wednesday


It’s new year—why not start the year with writing down your goals for 2020. Do one thing to get you started today. Setting one goal to focus on each week helps keep things simple and achievable.


Write a letter to a grandparent or someone you care about and let them know why you are grateful for them.

Nutrition Tip:

Non-nutritional strategies to better your physical, emotional, and mental health:

  • Move your body (walk, run, dance, swim, even a 10-minute walk can help lift your spirit)
  • Move all at once (30 minutes/day) or split up your movement throughout the day to keep your mind and spirit at ease.
  • Spend time in nature or in a park
  • Make time to hang out with family and friends
  • Connect with your breath. Pay attention to the way you breathe, especially in difficult or emotional moments. Breathing exercises can help reduce symptoms of anxiety, promotes calmness, and is a helpful strategy to manage stress.