Special Parent Announcement

Dear ELM Community Members:

On Wednesday, March 14th from 10:00 AM to 10:17 AM, a nationwide school walkout has been planned in honor of the Parkland shooting victims and to bring attention to school violence.  We will support students who have asked for a safe, organized and supervised event for our school.  Students who choose to participate will be directed to the grassy area on campus where students will be supervised.  Nutrition break occurs from 10:07 to 10:17.  We expect all students to return back to their classes at the conclusion of the break.  If your student chooses to leave campus during the demonstration, his/her safety can be compromised and could experience disciplinary action for truancy.  Your student will not be disciplined for participating in the safe, organized and school-supervised event.

While we are not advertising this event, we encourage you to have an honest conversation with your child regarding these events and the right to voice their concerns in a peaceful and effective manner.  We believe in the power of young people and we know that they will meet our collective high expectations.  Please let me know if you have any concerns.  A message was sent from our district offices addressing parent concerns.  I have attached some of the FAQs below.

Q: What are the consequence of leaving class for students?

A:  Legally, students voluntarily electing to leave class/campus without authorization are truant and subject to the same consequences as any other truant student. It is, however, important to note that district students will not be punished for their participation in a school approved event. We are also aware that students have differing views and it is never our intent to force participation in demonstrations against their will. It is up to each student to determine whether or not they participate.

Q: Will teachers walk out as well?

A: California law mandates that school districts carefully supervise students while they are on school premises during the school day. No district staff should leave class, school premises, and/or abandon their position and duties without authorization. It is also expected that teachers, if a walkout from school is imminent and unavoidable, stay behind to provide instruction to students who choose not to participate, unless otherwise directed by school administration.

Q: Will students receive consequences if they participate in an upcoming walkout?

A: The law requires that students attend school. Students who leave school to participate in a non-school organized event may be considered truant and be given typical consequences for their actions.  However, students will not be punished for participating in school approved and organized civic actions.


You may click on the link below for more information from SUHSD.

Walkouts – Message to Parents from SUHSD



Ricardo Cooke

Principal, Eastlake Middle School