Counselor Update

Thanksgiving is upon us and so are the final semester grades!  There are less than 5 weeks left to make any adjustments and improvements to your grades.  If you are maintaining A’s and B’s keep up the good work!  If you are in the C range, don’t settle there, try your best to move it up higher.  If you are in the D & F range, you need to make some changes to your current study habits.  Here are some tips to help you be successful:

  • Don’t let a bad grade get you down…instead do something about it!
  • Get Organized
  • Ask for HELP
  • Do your homework EVERYDAY
  • Turn in your homework on time
  • Study for your tests
  • Check Jupiter grades and monitor your progress
  • Use TSP passes to see your teachers
  • Attend Triton Time for a quiet place to do your homework
  • Talk to your teacher or counselor and ask for tips on how to improve

Last day of the semester is December 15 and grades will be mailed home after January 6.

Happy Studying!

EastLake Middle Counselors