Counselor Update January 10, 2017

Counselor Update January 10, 2017

Welcome back Tritons to a New Year- 2018!  We hope you strive to make this one the BEST ever!  Here are some things to remember as we start the new semester.


FRESH START-  Every student gets a fresh start, a new beginning.

GOALS–  Strive for A’s and B’s.  Set goals for yourself so you can achieve them.

CREDIT RECOVERY-  If you failed a course last semester, you will need to repeat that course in credit recovery or summer school.  Your counselor will contact you with more specific information.

NO SCHEDULE CHANGES–  All courses are year long so no changes unless there was a change in the master schedule or facilities.

WELL BEING TIP–  If you are facing a PROBLEM, don’t keep it bottled up inside.  Talk to someone, a friend, a coach, a teacher, counselor, parent, brother or sister, they can help you look at your problem in a different way.  They can help you figure it out.  Remember you are not alone!  Don’t be afraid to speak up or say what is on your mind.  (Michael Turko)


Happy New Year!

EastLake Middle Counselors